The whole spectrum of audit services - on site and worldwide

As one of our main tasks our auditing services include audits of annual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international accounting standards. In many cases we collaborate with partner firms in other countries who are also members of a network. In addition, we offer various additional auditing services, such as:

  • Audit and Reviews
  • Audits of interim financial statements
  • Audits of capital increases in cash and kind
  • Reorganisation and merger audits
  • Other business management audits (e.g. verifying company creditworthiness, investigations into fraud and embezzlement, investigations under section 53 of the Germany Law on Budgetary Principles (HGrG), section 16 of the Real Estate Agent and Commercial Contractor Regulation (MaBV), audits in line with the rules of the Packaging Ordinance under the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) or audits of EU research framework programmes)