Financial Modelling

Financial models have become an indispensable component of modern business decision-maiking processes. We help you to develop the models you need in a sound, dependable and targeted way for every conceivable eventuality:

  • Integrated corporate planning, liquidity planning, corporate recovery planning
  • Planning in the context of business transactions
  • Projections and planning
  • Project planning
  • Business management analyses

In the field of corporate planning, we support you in the development of a business plan for your business. From the implementation of the business model in an integrated planning model through to a review of the plausiblility of your budgetary accouting, e.g. for the purposes of medium-term planning or for a business valuation, we advise you on the development and presentation of a valid financial framework.

Model Review

Independent studies show that up to 95% of all financial models contain mistakes. This can have serious consequences, such as wrong financial decisions and damage to public image. In the context of financial model reviews and model audits, we investigate your models for errors and ensure that they are of high  quality, reliable and resilient and that your decisions are based on firm foundations.