Valuation Services

As part of the company valuation process we work as advisors, independent appraisers or as arbitrators in compliance with professional and international regulations and deal with a variety of issues, such as:

  • Business acquisitions or disposals
  • Initial public offerings
  • Business combinations or other corporate restructuring measures, such as mergers and demergers
  • Shareholders joining or withdrawing from the company
  • Settlements of estates, divorce proceedings
  • Contractual or statutory regulatoins
  • Tax matters
  • Requirements relating to external accounting and reporting

We perfrom valuations based on assessments of the plausibility of corporate planning and apply various business valuations methods depneding on the occasion and purpose of the business valuation itself:

  • Discounted cash flow method
  • Earnings value method
  • Multiples method

We also provide support for the execution of purchase price allocations and impairment tests in accordance with international accounting standards as well as impairment tests which comply with German GAAP. We also prepare fairness opinions in connection with transactions and other matters.