Corporate Recovery

The global economy is currently going through a turbulent period. Even if the company management takes into account the ups and downs of the economy in its business planning, unforeseen difficulties are nonetheless bound to arise in some areas with every tunaround in the world economy. In this kind of situation, priorities must be adjusted and action initiated quickly. 

Altavis has a team of corporate recovery specialists who are capable of making appropriate use of their experience in working with and advising business leaders, financial institutions and turnaround and venture capital experts. If your business is currently going though a difficult phase, it is essential that you involve specialists as soon as possible. In our experience it is possible in many cases to avoid liquidation and insolvency by identifying problems at the earliest possible stage and taking immediate professional action.

Turnaround Solutions

  • Comprehensive turnaround strategies
  • Optimisation of performance and operating capital
  • Financial modelling and Business plan development
  • Debt advice
  • Acquisition and disposal of companies in need of restructuring
  • Debt rescheduling
  • Debt cancellation or debt-for-equity swaps
  • Cash managment during crisis
  • Support in negotiations with current and potential Financiers

Exit Strategies

  • Consultation and assessment with regard to required outcomes including disposal

Corporate Insolvency

  • Formal insolvency procedures, including coordination, voluntary measures and liquidation as well as enforcement action

Private Insolvency

  • Consulting regarding private insolvency Options, including partnerhsip Agreements, individual voluntary agreements and bankruptcy

We offer lenders pragmatic financial advice geared to optimising business results and value. We understand the desire of lenders to minimise the risk of current and future loan default. Prompt, dependable advice is esential in such situations. Our team of experts has the required experience and empertise, not only in consulting, but also in implementing strategies designed to maximise total repayments.

Our services include

  • Independent Business valuations
  • Review prior to capital provision
  • Representation at meetings of lenders
  • Formal insolvency proceedings
  • Forensic accounting
  • Reorganisation
  • Exit strategy

Your benefits

Our lawyers, auditors, tax and manangement consultants as well as interim managers work with you to produce integrated solutions and provide intensive support during the implementation of the applicable concepts.