Internal Audit

With increasing legal requirements and the growing importance of effective corporate governance in businesses and organizations, internal auditing plays an increasingly important role in the monitoring process. Internal auditors are assuming a more strategic role linked to the overall assessment of risks.

Altavis provides internal auditing services of the highest quality to meet the economic requirements of businesses and their stakeholders worldwide. Your business benefits from experienced, independent, professional evaluations on the quality and efficiency of your control environment.

Businesses can choose between fully outsourced solutions (outsourcing), working in partnership with in-house internal audit teams (co-sourcing/partnering) and/or the supply of project related specialist services (e.g. project work). All three models offer the advantage of flexibility and scalability, what is beneficial with regard to the current economic situation and the requirements of the capital market.

The key to the risk-based auditing methodology is an understanding of the risk profile of your organization and the assessment of where internal auditing work can add the most value. This approach enables us to:

  • Focus our internal auditing services on areas critical to the success of a business
  • Comply with all national and international standards (e.g. DIIR and IIA) and requirements (e.g. COSO and ISO)
  • Provide stakeholders and managers with the assurance that their key systems and controls are in place and working effectively

    With this approach we provide you the following advantages:

    • More efficient use of your internal resources
    • Availability of independent, committed and specialized internal auditing professionals without the day-to-day managerial requirements
    • Ability to monitor key areas of your organization
    • Access to experts on various subjects and questions
    • Statement of clear findings linked back to the risk profile

    Our internal auditing & related services include:

    • Comprehensive delivery of all internal auditing services (outsourcing)
    • Co-sourcing/partnering with existing internal auditing
    • Concept, design and implementation of an internal auditing function
    • Risk-oriented audit planning
    • Independent quality assessment (QA)/validation by accredited and registered assessors in accordance with national and international standards (DIIR/IIA)
    • Compliance and corporate governance consulting
    • Training and coaching of staff at all corporate levels