IT Security

Almost all organizations will be vulnerable to attack and/or break down and failure of their IT systems at some point. This can be due to flaws in the design of the infrastructure, weak configuration settings, failure to apply security patches or poor security management. Even firewalls and anti-virus technologies are prone to vulnerabilities and hackers are developing new ways of exploiting security weaknesses. Unauthorized access to your systems and your data can have serious operational, financial or legal implications, as well as damaging the reputation of your company.

Altavis has extensive expertise in IT consulting and the safety optimization of IT systems and can help you to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your systems and data. Our IT security professionals provide consulting on and support for the implementation and establishment of IT control systems. Those serve to secure essential business processes in the event of complications or even breakdown of the IT infrastructure or IT applications that support your business processes.

Targeted security measures can guarantee that your company is able to conduct ‘business as usual’ in the event of not being able to access systems. We can help you to consider how to use your IT systems to better achieve your objectives by continuously assessing and adequately addressing significant risks.

We have the knowledge and experience in analysis, testing and assessment of IT systems and information security to provide you with recommendations and reports necessary for fully understanding your IT systems relevant for accounting.

Our services include:

  • Auditing support according to IDW PS 330
  • IT system auditing and business process analysis
  • ERP system review and quick checks (e.g. for SAP, Navision and IFS)
  • Software certification according to IDW PS 880
  • Review of archiving and document management systems (data archiving suitable for auditing requirements)
  • Migration and interface testing
  • Project-related testing when changing the accounting system
  • Mass data analysis
  • Analysis and auditing of implemented systems