Tax Advice

In the current market environment, where personall and commercial, as well as local and global objectives intertwine, most transachtions can trigger a muliplicity of fiscal consequences. Inadequate tax planning or the inappropriate handling of tax issues can have far-reaching financial consequences and impair a company's growtgh.

Our team of experienced tax experts understand these problems and supplies creative and well-thought out approaches which enable you to solve and master these challenges.

In multidisciplinary tax teams, we at Altavis assess your tax position, ensure that you are fulfilling your legal duties and then optimise your Overall tax liability.  In this context we access the experience of our international network, as and when required.

The breath of our experience, both generally and in specific fields of tax laws, means that we can help our Clients - who range from wealthy private individuals to multinational corporations - to achieve their objectives.

Our Tax Advice Line includes the following:

  • Bookkeeping, accounting and declaration Consulting
  • Value-added tax
  • Tax advice for businesses
  • Transfer prices and international tax law
  • Tax advice for private individuals
  • M&A tax advice

Your benefits

We focus on your business. Altavis offers you client-oriented advice which is based on our extensive experience:

  • Practice-related and business management-focused consulting from the client's perspective
  • Efficient and custom-tailored project management, which include if necessary various consultants in different countries
  • Partner-led consulting with the benefit of accessing the specialist know-how of tax experts all around the world who are able to provide additional top quality and innovative solutions to master your tax challenges