Tax advice for private individuals

Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, an owner-manager or a wealthy private individual, you require professional advice to protect your family's assets and to ensure their continual growth. This is where efficient tax planning plays a critical role. It is essential to be familiar with the very latest tax regulations and to recognise future develoments at the earliest stage possible. Altavis takes on this work for you. We offer you all-embracing integrated solutions, effective planning and advice to help you make the right decisions to meet your personal objectives and to avoid any negative impact on your assets. We are at your service, regardless of whether you want to change your place of residence to another country, are concerned about passing on your assets to the next generation or are confronted by the need to make diverse investment decisions. Needless to say we work with absolute discretion.

Our range of services includes:

  • Income tax planning and preparation of tax returns
  • Advice on inheritance tax and gift tax issues
  • Tax advice on the buying and selling of real estate and participating interests
  • Advice on wills and trusts
  • Treatment of donations and advice on private foundations
  • Support with successor and transfer planning
  • Asset Investments



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