Transfer prices and international tax law

Businesses operate all around the world. International interpendences are a central feature of everyday commercial life. This raises numerous tax issues. Transfer prices have evolved into one of the most important tax issues for transnational companies, regardless of their size. Tax authorities around the world are looking very closely at agreements on prices for the exchange of goods and services between businesses in order to ensure the most fair distribution of taxable transactions possible. Transnational companies are therefore faced with increasingly demanding requirements in terms of meeting the threat of additional taxes, interest and penalties. Altavis helps you to deal with the issue of tranfer prices ensuring that your agreements and documentation are compliant.


As well as arranging appropriate transfer prices, transnational companies must also master a number of other challenges. As well as complying within a wide range of different tax regimes around the world, they conduct inbound and outbound investments which consistently raise questions about the assignment of taxation rights between the different states involved and the potential threat of double taxation. Altavis helps you to avoid these problems and provides support in all issues relating to international tax law. Moreover, our global international network has access to tax experts in countries around the world.

Our range of services includes:

  • Support determining and documenting appropriate tranfer price documentation
  • Reducing global rates of taxation (tax rates for corporate groups)
  • Structuring of tax on inbound and outbound Investments (including relocations of functions)
  • Action to avoid double taxation
  • cross-border financial planning
  • VAT Registration in Germany and abroad and VAT advice on international issues
  • Advice on deployments of employees abroad